brand11Beauty and elegance came together in the heart of Europe and made Czech glass, also known as Bohemian glass, famous for its uniqueness and extraordinary quality. The intelligent manufacture of locally available natural resources and versatility of the product allowed glass to become a staple of Czech heritage, a symbol of the small country`s aesthetic tradition and a craft passed on from generation to generation.

The brand Lasvit, founded in 2007, sheds a new light on Bohemian glass and takes it into the next millennium. Lasvit combines the authenticity of glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship. In a few short years, Lasvit has established itself as an authority, delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made from hand-blown glass by Lasvit artisans.

The collaboration with renowned designers and artists such as Nendo, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, Czech legends René Roubíček and Bořek Šípek has enabled Lasvit to create unique glass collections. These well known artists are among those who chose Lasvit to embody their unconventional artistic vision, endow it with the precision and mastery of glassmaking, and produce impressive creative masterpieces. This manifesto has translated into Lasvit’s uncompromising mission: to transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences.

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