brand11Maistri was founded in 1946. Considered to be one of the leaders of high quality kitchen design, it was originally a small family-run carpenter’s shop in the heart of Valpolicella region, Italy. It has been growing ever since as a top quality brand, making a name for itself thanks to its competence and skill, its customer focused performance and the use of only high quality raw materials. For over 30 years Maistri has been manufacturing kitchens in its 45000 square meter industrial plant with a completely automated production system that ensures high quality manufacturing standard as well as bespoke customer service, not giving up on flexibility and rapidity in production, a typical strong point of artisan enterprises. The figures make Maistri one of the leading companies in the Italian market continually expanding in Europe and worldwide.

The company’s mission is the continuous innovation of production lines, materials and kitchen design, giving space to experimentation of furnishing programs, aiming to interpret in the best way the most contemporary lifestyles and trends. Today the historic company is run by ASSO S.p.A., a firm based near Verona specialised in the production of first-class furnishings and contract.

Maistri offers a very wide selection of finishes, styles and design elements focusing on highly functional and aesthetical kitchen designs. The company’s expertise is using materials such as marble and Lapitec®, result in unique kitchens that last for a lifetime.

Lapitec® is the perfect example of Italian style countertop. It is an innovative “full bodied” sintered stone slab which combines aesthetic with superior mechanical and physical properties of the porcelain.
Lapitec® is well know for being:

  • Versatile for designers: easy to work with and available in the largest format of the market;
  • Non porous: makes it easy to clean and prevent from staining, mould and bacteria;
  • Long lasting and weather proof: offers resistance to acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, frost and is unaffected by UV rays;
  • Elegant: available in 8 types of stylish finishing of natural stone, up to 15 colours and large format slabs;
  • Natural: no resins or other derivatives;

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